Watchlotto Competitions Review - Closed

In October 2020 Watchlotto just closed their doors without any warning. Their website was taken down and all social media channels removed. However it looks like this site is back up and running again. Their aim is to award as many players as possible with luxury watches. Unlike many pay to enter prize draw sites, Watchlotto adopts the BOTB approach and uses a spot the ball mechanic for entries.

Company: Watchlotto Limited

When Was Watchlotto Competitions Launched: 2016

What Prizes Can You Win: Luxury Watches

Can You Enter For Free: No

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Watchlotto Competitions

Watchlotto launched in 2018 but as mentioned above closed without warning in 2020. They reopened again in 2021. It's safe to say that Watchlotto is to watches as is to cars. It's focus is to give entrants the chance to win top of the ranges watches and they use a very similar approach to With each competition entrants are offered a selection of watches to choose from. The higher the value of the watch then the higher the price of entry to the competition. For example an Aquaracer costs 1 an entry but Cosmograph Daytona will set you back nearly 50 an entry. However no matter which watch you select then you still enter the same competition as other entrants. All prizes are brand new.

How To Enter Watchlotto Competitions

To enter the Watchlotto competition you first need to select the watch you'd like to win. You'll then invited to choose how many tickets you wish to purchase. The more tickets that you purchase the higher the discount offered by Watchlotto. For example 50 entries results in a 20% discount. Unlike many raffle competitions to enter Watchlotto you need to spot the ball. This makes it a genuine skill competition. The aim is to place your marker closest to the centre of the ball as determined by a panel of judges. The judges featured on the site include Junior McDougal, Linvoy Primus, Nigel Winterburn and Crag Mackail-Smith. Watchlotto competitions also have fixed closing dates. This means that you won't see any extensions and it only runs one competition at a time. Note that you do need to be registered/logged in to participate.

Watchlotto Competitions Winners

When a competition is closed it's then over to the judges. If your selection is closest to that of the spot picked by the judges then you're the winner. Remember the judges pick where they think the ball is which doesn't necessarily equate to where it originally was. According to their original Facebook page, Watchlotto has generated over 100,000 worth of prizes won, more than 15 different charities donated too and the team has travelled over 22,000 miles delivering prizes. To date there have been almost 30 winners of watches and the stories of the winners, including all the results are shown on the website. Videos are also available on Youtube.

Our Verdict

Watchlotto is a transparent skill competition that uses spot the ball as an entry method. We like that you can select the prize you'd like to win and your ticket price. That said it's still quite pricey but the prize is brand new. A number of raffle sites offer second hand luxury watches as prizes and their ticket prices aren't cheap either. The transparency in terms of judging and winner announcements is excellent. Closing the original site in 2020 and reopening in 2021 obviously raises some questions but it genuinely does seem they decided to take a hiatus. The fact they're active on social media and back creating winners is a positive sign.

Watchlotto Competitions Discussion

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