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Back in 2008, Win A House Competitions became all the rage. People saw this mechanic as a way out of the property slump - and to make a few pounds exta. The most famous of these competitions was for the Devon Estate, a property worth £1million became the first win a house competition to ever successfully reach completion. During the "glory days" of this kind of promotion we launched our "win a house watch" where we monitored the latest competitions! Every month we checked the ticket prices and number of tickets sold so that speculators and compers could choose which competitions to look at.

However, as the gambling commission started to take a closer look at the raffle/lottery nature of win a house competitions and the fact that few ever reached completion the public fascination quickly dwindled. You can review what happened to some of the 2008 promotions under our Closed Competitions section. In 2017, Win A Country House sparked a revival of these house raffles. Click on the 'house' symbol for more details about each competition.

Open Competitions - Ticket Price (Low - High)

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Raffall Win A House

Closes: 17th September 2020 - Cost: £1.00 - Tickets Sold: ???

Here's your chance to a four bedroom detached property in Yorkshire complete with a 2017 Volvo XC90 Hybrid - all for just 1. As far as we know this is the first property prize on the Raffall platform. 400,000 tickets need to be sold.

Coles Hall

Closes: 20th July 2020 - Cost: £2.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

The people behind the Shrubbery Farm Win A Country Home competition are running another house raffle. This time you have the chance to win a million pound property in Mayfield, East Sussex. Tickets cost just 2.

Win Your Dream

Closes: 20th July 2020 - Cost: £2.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

The people behind the successful Win A Country Home that saw Shrubbery Farm being won by Jemma Nicklin are back with a third competition. This time they're helping promote Win Your Dream which gives you the chance to become the owner a beautiful 4-bed cottage in Sedgley for just 2 a ticket.

Win A Country Hall

Closes: 15th September 2020 - Cost: £2.50 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

Melling Hall in Lancashire is the prize on offer in this win a house raffle. For just 2.50 you could become the owner of the property plus fixtures, fittings, fitted carpets, curtains and some furniture. The promoters aim to sell a minimum of 499,000 tickets before September 2020.

Draw A House

Closes: 20th December 2020 - Cost: £3.50 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

A 5 bedroomed property in Airdrie is on offer in this competition. We estimate that well over 300,000 tickets will need to be sold for the property to be won. Answer a question to enter the prize draw.

Cwellyn Dream

Closes: 15th September 2020 - Cost: £5.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

A renovated cottage located between the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, is the prize in this win a home competition. For just 5 a ticket you could win Cwellyn Dream valued at 290,000.

Win My Dream Home 2

Closes: 31st December 2020 - Cost: £5.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

Property Development Company, Misuma Limited, are running their second win a house competition. This time round you have the chance to win a flat in Kentish Town that's worth over 500,000. Tickets cost 5 and the promoters are aiming to sell 140,000 by the end of December 2020.

Raffle House 2

Closes: 31st July 2020 - Cost: £10.00 - Tickets Sold: ???

Following their first attempt to create a win a house winner, Raffle House are trying again. A 10 ticket could win you a 500,000 property in Whitechapel or a cash prize if insufficient tickets are sold.


Closes: 20th November 2020 - Cost: £10.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

A luxury four bedroomed property worth over 1million in Cheadle Hulme is the prize in this competition. Buy tickets and help raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. Enter early to enter more prize draws.

Better Chances

Closes: 18th August 2020 - Cost: £11.00 - Tickets Sold: ???

Better Chances are offering you the chance to win your Dream Home for just 11. The Dream Home is in fact a completely renovated and furnished three bedroomed property in Borehamwood.

Win A House Winners

Very few house raffles reach their desired conclusion, although during 2020 we're expecting to see this list increase as some sites are now guaranteeing that they will make a property winner.

Win Grafton Farmhouse - Home Winner

Closed: 31st May 2020 - Cost: £2.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

Grafton Farmhouse is the prize on offer in this Win My Dream Home competition. For just 2 you could potentially become the owner of a stunning six bedroom farmhouse, set on approx 3 acres of land.

Tramway Path - Home Winner

Closed: 31st May 2020 - Cost: £2.00 - Tickets Sold: 200000

This is your chance to win a newly refurbished 3 bedroom house based in London. The owner aims to sell around 200,000 tickets. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded.

Win A Country Home - Home Winner

Closed: 10th February 2020 - Cost: £2.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

The first win a house of 2020 offers you the chance to win Shrubbery Farm in Shrewsbury. For just 2 a ticket you could own a beautiful property in the heart of the English countryside.

Win A Feckin House - Home Winner

Closed: 1st December 2018 - Cost: £100.00 - Tickets Sold: 8000

The prize for this competition is a 4 bedroom semi-detached house in Castle Park, Termonfeckin worth over 280,000 in the Republic of Ireland. Tickets cost 100 and 8000 tickets are available.

Win A Country House - Home Winner

Closed: 1st August 2017 - Cost: £2.00 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: 450000

Launched in 2017, this was your chance to win a six-bedroomed Melling Manor near Kirkby Lonsdale, valued at over 800,000. Marie Seager from Warrington was announced as the winner in August 2017

Closed Competitions

Below you'll find all the most recent win a house competitions that have closed. For all other competitions that have run since 2017 go to the closed competitions section.

Elatus Developments

Elatus Developments - Closed

Closed: 29th May 2020 - Cost: £10.00 - Tickets Sold: ???

Robbie Fowler's Elatus Development has donated a flat in this Stay Home To Win A Home raffle. Money raised from this competition will be donated to front line charities or services that are fighting against Covid-19

Elite Prizes

Elite Prizes - Closed

Closed: 5th January 2020 - Cost: £69.99 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

Elite Prizes, a raffles site, is offering a 500,000 4 bedroom bungalow property in Coventry as a prize. Tickets cost a hefty 69.99 and the promoters are aiming to sell 9999 tickets.

Win My Dream Home

Win My Dream Home - Cash Prize Winner

Closed: 31st December 2019 - Cost: £11.00 - Tickets Sold: ???

Property Development Company, Misuma Limited, are offering the chance to win a newly renovated Victorian home in London. Valued at 2.1million, entries cost 11. At least 250,000 ticket sales are required.

Win Dancers Hill House

Win Dancers Hill House - Cash Prize Winner

Closed: 25th December 2019 - Cost: £13.50 (Free Entry) - Tickets Sold: ???

Melanie and Nigel Walsh are giving you the chance to win their 5.25million home in this competition. Dancers Hill House featured as Chuckle Manor in Chucklevision according to Digital Spy. Tickets cost 13.50.

Castle Competition

Castle Competition - Cash Prize Winner

Closed: 3rd December 2019 - Cost: £4.50 - Tickets Sold: ???

This competition offers you the chance to win the world's tallest Gothic Folly. The refurbed Hadlow Tower is the prize, but alternatively the winner can opt to take a 1million cash prize - tax free.

Win A House Competition Stats

We are often asked for stats surrounding the win a house competitions that have taken place. The table below shows the results of these giveaways since 2017. We have featured a total of 67 different competitions of which to date only 5 have reach conclusion (4 in The UK and 1 in Ireland). Seven competitions closed and refunded entrants whilst 39 have given away a cash prize. Seven competitions have ended and we've been unable to determine the actual result.

The most expensive house won since 2017 was the 845,000 Win A Country House property won by Marie Seager. In terms of cash prizes a number of competitions have paid out over 100,000 to their winners including 173,012 paid out in the first Raffle House competition.

Number Of Competitions
House Awarded
Cash Prize Awarded
Closed - Refunds
Closed - No Details
Open For Entries

Entering & Running Competitions

We put these competitions on Loquax to show the current array of win a house competitions, what's on offer and ticket sales. A link on Loquax is not an endorsement or recommendation. These raffles are essentially a gamble - you are spending money for the chance to win something at long odds - so treat them the same. Only spend what you can afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly. If you're not keen on spending money then some will offer no purchase postal options. Free entry house competitions are shown above.

Not everyone who visits Loquax wants to enter the house competitions. Over the years we've been regularly asked about how to run house raffles. Unfortunately we can't help you run your own competition but we have put together our top ten tips. Hopefully this guide, created from observing how things have run over the last few years, will provide you with a useful insight before your property joins our listings.

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